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Suffolk Wildlife Trust Work Experience with Abbeygate Sixth Form College Students

Abbeygate Sixth Form College students experience of work experience at Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Ela Hava and from Lauren Wescomb from Abbeygate Sixth Form College had the fantastic opportunity to engage in a week’s work experience in August 2023. BFER worked in partnership with Suffolk Wildlife Trust (at Lackford Lakes) and their staff Amy Rushton, Jodi Peck and Emily Reddick (to name a few). Here they tell us about their experience:


Lauren Wescomb – Sixth Form Student

Hello, my name is Lauren Wescomb and I gladly had work experience at Lackford Lakes. Within my time there, I managed to not only engage with nature itself and with those who do everything they can to preserve it, but also through the eyes of others such as the children who visited us in the holiday club, who were only filled with looks and thoughts of fascination in response to the world around them

.Butterfly resting on flower

I developed my understanding of ecological aspects of wildlife and what the trust at Lackford Lakes offers; gaining experiences I couldn’t find at any other workplace. This included helping in scientific research which allowed scientists to understand DNA barcoding of insects, or as we like to call them mini beasts, to appreciating the behind the scenes of those in digital marketing, and the intricacies of decisions when choosing fonts, colour schemes, branding and more that allow a business to be successfully promoted. The activities were well balanced, through both a practical and academic outlook, allowing me to fully see and be a part of a normal work life there. It was hard work, but very insightful, fun, and extremely enjoyable. My time there will never be forgotten.

View of trees and lake


Ela Hava – Sixth Form Student

I really enjoyed the work experience placement at Lackford lakes as we did a number of activities, most of which I had never done before, such as helping out with the kid’s holiday club, pollarding various trees around the site, setting up a malaise trap and then collecting the samples the following day.

View of inside a wooden hut and walkway

Plating the bug samples was a very interesting experience, as it gave insight into how they measure the health of the local ecology. We also had a go at identifying the species of the samples which definitely expanded my knowledge of bugs! Overall, the experience was very rewarding and allowed me to do things I ordinarily would never have done.

Microscope looking at bugs

Link to Suffolk Wildlife Trust Lackford Lakes:

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