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Volunteer Blog

Featured writing inspired by Breckland heritage, landscape and wildlife.

Volunteer Blog

Want to contribute to our volunteer blog?

BFER is seeking Volunteers to write blog posts for the BFER website and newsletter, to help celebrate the fascinating heritage and habitats of the Norfolk and Suffolk Brecks.

The BFER blog is a space for advocating the Brecks and all it has to offer; whether its exploring what makes the natural landscapes of the Brecks so special, to uncovering the history of the area, sharing the joys of outdoor recreational activities enjoyed in the area, to exploring how the tranquil landscapes can positively benefit a sense of wellbeing.

We are seeking volunteers to write blog posts to be featured on the blog. Volunteers have the flexibility to choose topics based on their own interests and experiences. No prior formal writing experience is needed, and volunteers are encouraged to write in their own style.


Location: Remote

Required skills and abilities: No prior experience required. Introductory training will be provided.

Dates/times: Flexible. Volunteers will be asked to produce at least one blog post.

Contact details: