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Vikings invade Drake Primary School

Year 4 pupils from Drake Primary School (Thetford) were surprised this week by a visit from Vikings! 

Vikings invade Drake Primary School

Year 4 pupils from Drake Primary School (Thetford) were surprised this week by a visit from Vikings!

This term, the pupils have been learning about Vikings through the BFER supported Vikings of the Brecks education pack. The pack has been developed by local theatre company, Magic Floor Productions, through BFER with the support of funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The KS2 education pack contains a programme of six lesson plans and teacher resources. Through the programme of lessons, pupils learn about the history of how and why the Vikings came to the Brecks. They discover key facts, figures, and myths, through National Curriculum embedded sessions and activities including creative writing.

The packs launched in 2023 and have been offered to Brecks schools to engage with. As part of this initial launch, school were offered a special visit from actors from Magic Floor Productions, in character as the Vikings, Odger and Ulf.

Following their first school session earlier in the year at Stanton Village Primary School, this week Odger and Ulf surprised pupils at Drake Primary School, Thetford.


The pupils didn’t know that the Vikings were coming, and were taking part in a normal afternoon reading session when a commotion aroused from the corridor outside their classroom. The commotion grew louder, until Vikings Odger and Ulf burst suddenly into the classroom. The two cheeky Vikings began to pillage the classroom, robbing pencil cases and books before being told off. After sheepishly returning all stationary, the Vikings then introduced themselves to the class. The pupils took part in a Q&A with Odger and Ulf about Viking life, with plenty of hearty rounds of shouting Skol! as loudly as possible. The children had learnt and retained a fantastic amount of information from engaging in the education pack, evidenced in their detailed knowledge of Vikings and key historical events.

Thank you so much to you and your team for yesterday- the children and I are still buzzing!  [Teacher Julia Farraway]

The education pack and resources are available for teachers to download on our BFER Teaching Packs Page.

Photographs: Tom Juggins (