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Viking Teaching Packs available now

The BFER Vikings of the Brecks KS2 Education Pack and resources are now available!

Viking Teaching Packs available now

Calling all KS2 teachers in the Brecks! BFER are pleased to announce that the Vikings of the Brecks KS2 Teaching Pack is now available to download from the BFER website!

Travel back in time with your class guided by the fun and informative Vikings characters, Odger and Ulf. Created by theatre company Magic Floor Productions, the pack includes original character audio narration, as well as an engaging range of creative activities designed in line with the National Curriculum.

The 6-lesson curriculum pack explores the fascinating history of Vikings, contextualised within the history of the Brecks and East Anglia.

Key topics include:

• Who were the Vikings?
• Why did the Vikings leave Scandinavia?
• Viking Invasions of East Anglia
• What was everyday life like in Viking Society and in a Viking Village.
• Vikings of the Brecks, Exploring key individuals


The teaching pack has helped the children’s learning tremendously. To have the pack there really gave a huge step up”. “Our history curriculum is very thematic. It has helped to build on those key questions within our curriculum. It has helped to really keep asking the children those key questions, keep coming back to them, keep trying to make them think really deeply about different things; rather then simply just look at maybe, ‘Viking daily life’, ‘Viking gods’, and all of the sort of generic things like that. Actually thinking about it much more deeply, much more broadly, has really really helped the children, and having that pack there has been an absolutely brilliant resource.” Julia Farraway, History Lead, Drake Primary School

This education pack was created by theatre company Magic Floor Productions for the Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership Scheme (with the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund).

Discover and download the teaching resources on the BFER Teaching Packs web page.


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