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There’s Something Fishy about this World Book Day

The BFER Team took a trip out to visit year 3 at Drakes Primary School and their new school pets: zebra fish!

In 2022, our project Eels in the Classroom introduced six schools to the life-cycle, habitat and care of one of Breckland’s most iconic species: the European Eel. Part of this project involved installing fish tanks in classrooms where children could raise and care for baby eels until they were ready to be released into rivers. The feedback from the teachers and the students was so positive, we decided to extend the project and fund the schools to keep their fish tanks and stock them with fish to keep long-term.

Drakes Primary began setting their tank up at the start of the school year in 2023 (you can see this here), then took a trip to Swallow Aquatics to choose their fish. The topic this term has been rivers and the water cycle and they knew about lots of complicated terms like precipitation and confluence, as well as having studied rivers as local as the Thet and as far away as the Nile. They have also learned about where their new fish would live in the wild and how best to take care of them in the classroom.

Now, the children have completed their work on rivers and the water cycle and their zebra fish are fully settled in. We took a trip to visit and, coincidentally, it was World Book Day so everyone was dressed as their favourite character. The children were so excited to introduce us to their fish (they’re still thinking of names) and show us how they feed them, as well as pose for photos in their excellent costumes.

Tanks for the memories Drake Primary!

You can download our Eels learning resources for schools here.