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Read about our Riverbank Banquet event

Fungi, Fat Hen, and Fire – Read about our Riverbank Banquet event.

Read about our Riverbank Banquet event

We celebrated the start of September with a special event at West Stow Country Park, showcasing the natural bounty of edible plants in the harvest season. The event was led by wildlife enthusiast and Bush craft practitioner, Jon Tyler, who guided a group on a gentle stroll through the Country Park. During the walk, participants discovered a variety of edible fungi, aromatic salad leaves, juicy plums, barley, blackberries and more. The walk followed the West Stow Country Park Nature Trail, before walking along the sun dappled riverside of the River Lark (where brave participants had a go at sampling nettles!). The group then settled in West Stow’s Bush Craft area in a wooded glade, where they sampled a tasty menu of food cooked by Jon on a camping stove. What was on the menu?

Aperitif: A homemade blackberry and cinnamon shrub (a drink made from blackberry, cinnamon, and honey infused cider vinegar)

Main: A chickpea flour pancake with wild garlic, fat hen (which the group learnt was traditionally used in the place of spinach), and a mushroom that the group foraged during the walk*

Dessert: Blackberry Welsh cakes



Find out more about West Stow Country Park and its walking trails HERE


*All foraging was conducted under the supervision and advice of the group leader, who is an experienced forager. We recommend that foraging should not be conducted unless you are experienced and confident in the identification of plants and fungi.