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New School Pets Make a Splash

Learning through doing for local children keeping fish in the classroom.

Sometimes, when a project goes so well, you can’t help but do a little more than planned. We have recently completed our Eels in the Classroom project; where a number of schools hosted eels before releasing them into local rivers. It was a brilliant opportunity for children to learn about this iconic Breckland species, its life-cycle and habitat, as well as how to care for them and being a part of an exciting conservation project. (You can download all our learning resources for schools here.)

But, the children loved having creatures in the classroom so much, they didn’t want it to end. So, BFER arranged an extra treat and each school was allowed to keep their tanks and set them up and stock them with fish. The children even got to choose the fish themselves, so they can really take ownership of their new school pets!

Here is Drake Primary School introducing their new zebra fish to their tank.

zebra fish being introduced to a fish tank

Three other schools are also in the process of setting up their tanks so we’re looking forward to regular fishy updates. If you are part of a community or local organisation looking for funding to enhance, restore or celebrate heritage in the Brecks, you can find out more about our 3rd party grants here.