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Luminous Lanterns

Leaves, lanterns, bats and owls; participants enjoyed celebrating autumn at our Lantern Making workshop and Twilight Walk.

Luminous Lanterns

As November draws to a close, the heart of the Brecks glows with the vibrant oranges, reds, and browns of autumn leaves. Thetford Forest is particularly radiant, as is Brandon Country Park. The roads leading to the Park are surrounded by trees, and have transformed into rich avenues of colour. On Saturday, BFER hosted a special autumn workshop at Brandon Country Park to celebrate this time of year.

Slowing down and taking notice

As the Autumn season nights draw-in, cultures around the world mark the seasonal changes through festivals of light such as Samhain and Diwali. To recognise this special time, BFER hosted a lantern making workshop led by wild-crafter, Jon Tyler. The participants began by exploring the park in daylight, collecting leaves to use to decorate their lanterns. The ground was covered in a heavy blanket of leaves, and it would have been very easy to grab a handful and go. However, by taking a slow and purposeful stroll, the group were able to really tune into their surroundings. They took great care and attention in selecting their leaves. They examined the shapes, colours, and details, and learnt about the different species. Brandon Country Park also happens to be a fantastic places for spotting fungi and while exploring the group saw several impressive varieties.

The Engine House

The group then headed to The Engine House (which is a former pump house that was restored through BFER’s preceding project, Breaking New Ground). After looking around the Engine House (and peeping down the original 150ft well!) the group set to work creating their lanterns. The lanterns were made with willow frames, around which were wrapped paper shades. Each participant decorated their shade with leaves, and the final touch was to add a tea light to see the lanterns glow!


Twilight Walk

The group then ventured back into the park at twilight, with their luminous lanterns. Using a bat detector, the group heard a pipistrelle which flitted overhead. Using an owl caller, Jon impersonated a Tawney Owl. The group heard a faint reply in the distance! As dusk began to set in, the lanterns became brighter and brighter, the decorative leaf patterns silhouetted against their inner light.



Why not experience the autumn colours for yourself by heading to Brandon Country Park. Find out more information about the park HERE.

Stay tuned to for future BFER events and activities at Brandon Country Park and beyond.