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Improving Accessibility in the Brecks

Path-building at West Stow Country Park with one of our third party grants.

West Stow Lake Syndicate were successful in obtaining one of our 3rd grant funds. The grant, along with other funds they have managed to secure, will enable them to make path improvements at West Stow Lake Country Park to repair a damaged section of footpath. This will improve access and allow it to be usable in all weathers.

Project Officer, Tracy had great delight in presenting the cheque for £2,500 to Jason, the grant applicant. She was also able to meet some of the 12 volunteers that are helping to dig out the ground, level it with diggers and lay the path and border. On her visit on Saturday, Jason and his team of volunteers finished a 100 metre section of the path, which involved spreading out 40 tonnes of crushed concrete and laying out numerous large logs as the path edge. Here they are on one of many boat trips across the lake to the island to collect the logs.

The progress they have already made is huge and there is more path-work scheduled for a few week’s time. We look forward to a guided walk around the path when it is complete!