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How to Build an Iron Age Roundhouse

Our day volunteering at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

The team at West Stow have spent the last year building an iron age roundhouse in the Anglo-Saxon village. The ash, alder and hazel for the structure was grown on site, the clay for the daub and the reeds for the thatch have been sourced as locally as possible and the methods and techniques used have been carefully researched. Building a roundhouse is a lot of work but, fortunately, they have been training groups in heritage building skills and have had a number of workshops with now-trained volunteers to put pieces of the build into place.

At the end of January, the team at BFER used our employer-offered, paid volunteer day to spend a day with the team at West Stow to apply daub plaster to a panel of the roundhouse. It was a brilliant day out, with therapeutic stomping of the daub mixture and then a sociable time applying the daub from either side of the roundhouse walls. We’d highly recommend it as a team-building, heritage-learning day out.

In fact, we were so inspired by the project that, when we got back to the office, we put together a little film recording the build so far and our day out.

If you would like to get involved in this project and leave your fingerprints in the roundhouse wall, you can get in touch with West Stow on 01284 728718 or on their site