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Engaging with Nature at Bishop’s School

Our final third party grant is awarded to Bishop’s School for their Engage with Nature project.

Project Officer, Tracy had the pleasure of presenting students and staff at The Bishop’s CE Primary Academy with a cheque for £2,000. This is a grant from our 3rd party grant pot for their project ‘Engage with Nature’ which will enable them to purchase resources and a storage shed for their forest school activities. The BFER team were excited to visit, as we’ve been hearing a lot about the amazing work the school has been doing to connect the children and their families with nature.

They have previously held an event for students and their families to plant 1000 bulbs and we can’t wait to see how they look when they are all in bloom. The children have also planted some silver birch trees and the plan is to plant over 100 in total to encourage wildlife. The school is surrounded by chalk rivers and last year they took part in a citizen science project to monitor litter – they collected 100kg of litter in one litter pick! They are adopting green spaces within the school for erecting bird feeders and plants and now have several outdoor learning spaces. This work is so valuable in an area where many children don’t have gardens at home and the school have taken care to involve parents in each project too.

The children we met were excited to show us their outdoor classroom (above) and were clearly engaged with the various nature projects the school are running.

The head teacher Lorraine Ratcliffe said:

‘‘We are so excited to get things from the grant. We have spent months improving the site and are really pleased with the impact. There are now very few children who now choose football. We were inspected by the church of England last week and they were really complementary about how children engage with the environment. Thank you to all of you for considering our bid.

Through encouraging the children to enjoy being outside and engaging with the environment, they will be great ambassadors in the future for the incredibly special and unique area we live in.”

And, of course, no BFER big cheque presentation is complete without a few pictures in the selfie-frame. The children were more than happy to pose for a few extra pictures at the end of our visit. You can see these, and some feedback from the children themselves, below.



More about our 3rd party grants can be found here: Third Party Grant Fund