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Discovering Brandon’s River History

In November, 20 participants discovered the history of Brandon’s river on a guided walk led by Imogen Radford and a team of BFER Volunteers.

Discovering Brandon’s River History

A group of 20 participants discovered the history of Branon’s river during a guided walk, Discovering Brandon’s River History, led by Imogen Radford. Imogen is the project lead for Tales from the River , a BFER project uncovering a wide range of local stories about the Brecks rivers. These include oral histories, myths and legends, and have captured fascinating memories about people’s memories of engaging with the rivers for work and play.

Exploring the River Little Ouse in Brandon, the group discovered the history of leisure including Brandon Remembrance Playing Fields (which opened in 1948), river navigation and Brandon staunch, archaeology, and riverside inns. The group also heard memories captured through oral history interviews about river swimming, and even spotted some swimmers enjoying  a dip in the river as they passed by!


A fantastic team of volunteers assisted Imogen to research and curate walk’s content. If you are interested in volunteering for BFER, we’d love to hear from you! Find out more on our Volunteer Hub.


Stay tuned to for upcoming events and activities, including future guided walks.

For more information and guidance about outdoor swimming in the Brecks, visit Imogen’s blog HERE 

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