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Bury Trout Club - Project Update February 2022

February 16th, 2022

In the previous update in November (which you can read here), progress had begun on the River Lark where structures were put in the river to increase the flow of the river and improve habitat diversity. The work was done in joint partnership by volunteers from the Bury Trout Club and River Lark Catchment Partnership.


The BFER team met up with David Hudson from the Bury Trout Club in February 2022 to see the completion of the structures.

These structures are made from brash bundles and placed at the side of the river to narrow the river. As a result silt forms at the side of the banks to create more habitats and breeding grounds for fish and insects.

There are multiple structures placed along the river which you can see in this drone shot below.

This project is funded through our 3rd Party Grant Fund, for more information on the project and the 3rd Party Grant Fund.

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