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Teacher resources for Watery Wildlife Education project

New Teacher Resources added to Watery Wildlife Education

October 25th, 2021

New teacher resources have been added to our Watery Wildlife Education project page for teachers and aimed at the younger audience.

Under the resources heading you will find two films created and funded through the Watery Wildlife Education project which focuses on Thompson Common and the wonderful pingo ponds. These two films presented by Norfolk Wildlife Trust and Inspiring Norfolk teach about the pingo ponds and the biodiversity that live amongst them.

Pingo ponds were created at the end of the last ice age. As the ice formed and fed by underground uprisings of water, hard lenses of ice were created that pressed into the ground, with soil over the top of them. These eroded to form raised ramparts around the pond. When things warmed up it caused the lenses to melt forming a circular depression filled with water – a pingo pond.
We have another project titled Lost Ponds: Resinstating Ghost Pingos and as the title says aims to map, understand and recreate the ghost pingos lost from the Thompson Common area, enabling species expansion and movement across the countryside.

Click the videos to view them:

Also on the project page, we have added a Watery Wildlife Calendar which you can view here: