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Bury St Edmunds Trout Club Grant Award

Bury St Edmunds Trout Club Grant Awarded

May 6th, 2021

Meeting with the members of the Bury Trout Club at West Stow Country Park

We were fortunate to have beautiful spring weather when we met up with members of the Bury St Edmunds Trout Club at West Stow Country Park to discuss their project ‘Rewilding the Lark.’ Through BFER’s 3rd Party Grant Fund, this project has been awarded a £2,500 grant.

‘Rewilding the Lark in the Park′ is a project to improve the habitat and environment of the River Lark as it passes through 1.6 km of West Stow Country Park. The project is also supported by Keep Britain Tidy, West Suffolk Council and Suffolk Wildlife Trust as members of the River Lark Catchment Partnership (RLCP).

Phase 1 of the project will include using brash bundles, heavy wooden debris to create large wooden debris platforms and log deflectors which will narrow the channel to create higher water flow velocity and turbulence.

Sunny photo of the River Lark

This will help scour silt from the river bed creating new spawning areas for fish, and discouraging Burr Reed growth, which has historically impacted this section of the river. Installation of pre-planted coir rolls and planting new trees will also help create more diverse habitats along the river corridor.

Silt in the river

During our visit we spotted Long Tailed Tits, Canada Geese and Egyptian Geese with their baby goslings.

Egyptian Goose with their baby geese

These willow trees have been as pollards by West Stow Country Park volunteers. Pollarding can be used to keep trees such as willow to a moderate size, or to stimulate them to produce brightly coloured new shoot. Pollarding is usually done in late winter or early spring.

Willow Trees Willow Tree Leaves

The most spectacular sight of the day was the size of this swan’s nest which looks so peaceful.

swan's nest

If you would like to discuss your project idea with a member of the team, just need more information or if you would like to be added to our mailing list email:

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