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BFER Day Out - Exploring the River Lark at Mildenhall

February 2nd, 2022

On Monday 31st January we took a trip to Mildenhall to walk along the river and explore the area. Mildenhall is a key town in our project area that we are keen to engage with, last year we hosted an outdoor swimming event that took place at Jubilee Fields in the heart of the town.

Our walk started at Jubilee Fields, where we stopped and did a spot of bird watching before crossing the river.

We continued our walk along the river heading west stopping off at the Gas Pool Sluice, where we have a project being led by the Environment Agency to improve fish and eel passage at this sluice gate and other sluice gates along the River Lark.

Our aim of this trip was to visit the new bridge installed along the River Lark at Turf Lock. This bridge was completed with partnership working by Suffolk County Council, Mildenhall and Barton Mills Parish Councils to continue to improve green access in the Brecks. This is a great new bridge delivered by the County Rights of Way team, the Structures team and their contractors.


View below the bridge in 360 view, so you can see every angle of the newly installed bridge.

To navigate the 360 image, there are controls to the top left of the image to move left, right, up and down and to also make the image full screen.


We have recently got a new piece of kit, an Insta360 One R which allows us to create images like this and also like the image below which gives you an interesting perspective.

After visiting the newly installed bridge, we walked back along the River Lark heading southeast and stopping off at the Barton Mills Sluice.

This is another point along the River Lark where we will be improving fish and eel passage as part of the Sea to Chalk project.


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