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BFER Conference 2019

A Conference and Consultation event was held on 13th March 2019 at The Carnegie Rooms, Thetford to introduce the scheme and proposed projects.

BFER is a follow-on scheme from the successful National Lottery funded Breaking New Ground initiative which ran in The Brecks between 2015 and 2018. This new five-year scheme explores aspects of water in The Brecks, and has key focuses including the heritage, conservation and environment of this unique landscape. It is set to start in 2020 once funding has been granted.

During the event, there were short presentation about the Brecks heritage and the many projects the BFER team is planning for the new scheme. These include a wide variety of river and pingo restoration projects, as well as archaeological research, training, heritage crafts skills workshops and a whole host of other engagement activities for all ages.

Many organisations who are key players in the landscape partnership were present with information about their own activities in The Brecks. There were also chances to get hands-on and become involved in an ‘aquatic’ art activity.


Introduction to The Brecks Fen Edge & Rivers Scheme
Nick Dickson, Scheme Development Manager

The Brecks’ Important Freshwater Areas
Jeremy Biggs, Director, Freshwater Habitats Trust

Restoring the Rivers
James Dyke and Rob Clapham, Environment Agency

The Brecks Fen Edge Heritage
Dr Richard Hoggett, Archaeological Consultant

River Recreation and Outdoor Swimming
Imogen Radford, BFER Project Lead Volunteer and member of the Outdoor Swimming Society

BFER delivery, an overview of Projects
Nick Dickson, Scheme Development Manager