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How to Play

Rules and Instructions

  1. Visit the Detective Pack page to view or download the documents which will have all the information about the mystery and a grid to help you collate your discoveries.
  2. Go to The First Clue to see the runes which Bada had left in the sand and using the rune-key to decipher the murder weapon that killed Bada…
  3. Enter the Village to hear the testimony of the six suspects.
    • Each witness will have one, or possibly two, essential pieces of information that relate either to a time Bada met a witness at the forge, or a sharp object which a witness is known to possess.
    • NB They all are associated with only one sharp object – a knife or a cleaver etc, and they all saw Bada at only one time during the day.
    • When you find out a piece of information as to what their time of visit, or their sharp object is, put a tick on the grid. You will not necessarily need to fill in all the boxes on the form to work out who had the murder weapon and therefore …who killed Bada.


At the end, test your detection skills by writing the name of your main suspect on this page – did you solve the mystery?