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Winter talk: Bugs in the Brecks

March 2, 2023 7pm-8pm The Guildhall, Thetford (IP24 2DS)

Winter talk: Bugs in the Brecks

A BFER Winter Talk presented by entomologist, Dr Ross Piper 

From wasps that are much smaller than a full-stop, all the way up to hand-sized beetles, insects are far and away the most diverse animals on the planet. Being so diverse and numerous, these animals are crucially important in all the world’s terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. In browsing, predating, scavenging, parasitizing and getting eaten by other organisms, they profoundly affect the movement of nutrients and energy through these systems. In a myriad of seemingly insignificant ways, insects keep life on Earth ticking over, living out their lives in ways that make the mind boggle.

In this talk, Ross Piper invites you to take a closer look at the endlessly fascinating lifestyles of these creatures, including some of the species you can see in the Brecks.


Dr Ross Piper is an entomologist and zoologist who lives in Mid Suffolk, but has travelled around the world searching for new species. Through his writing, talks and TV work he shares his fascination for the incredible living things that surround us. His latest book, How to Read an Insect, is an exploration of the extraordinary lifestyles of insects.


Winter talk: Bugs in the Brecks

When: Thursday 2nd March 2023

Time: 7pm-8pm (Doors open at 6:45pm, talk commences at 7pm)

Where: The Guildhall, Thetford (IP24 2DS)

Cost: This event is made possible with thanks to the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The talk is free of charge for attendees.

Due to limited capacity, please RSVP if you wish to attend.

RSVP for your tickets HERE

Travel: There are several large free car parks in Thetford town centre, within a short 5 minute walking distance from the Guildhall. Car parks locations include Cage Lane, and Tanner Street. The Guildhall is also located 10 minutes walk from Thetford bus station, and 15 minutes walk from Thetford train station.


Bugs in the Brecks is part of an exciting new series of BFER Winter Talks, held at The Guildhall, Thetford:

Thursday 2nd February, 7pm-8pm: A portal into another world: snorkelling the chalk streams of the Brecks and Fens’, a talk by Nicola Crockford

Thursday 16th February, 7pm-8pm: “Wonderful Things”: Howard Carter and the Discovery of Tutankhamun’, a talk by historian Dr Richard Hoggett

Thursday 2nd March, 7pm-8pm: Bugs in the Brecks’: a talk by entomologist Dr Ross Piper