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This event is part of the Brecks Outdoor Festival

Swim Walk BRANDON: Walking and Dipping for Adults and 13+

Enjoy the benefits of walking and outdoor swimming in one event! Explore the beauty of the area from a new perspective while learning about swimming safely.

September 22, 2024
2.00pm - 4.30pm
Fully Funded (Booking required)
Pushchair Friendly
Car Park

Swim Walk: Walking and Dipping for Adults and 13+

Swim walks is a way to combine short walks and short dips in a river, to experience the environment from a new perspective – literally immersing ourselves in the river and landscape. Event open to those aged 13 and above who are new to outdoor swimming or experienced. We will include safety info in advance and on the day and have lifeguard cover.

This organised swim walk will give people a chance to do two outdoor activities and enjoy the benefits of each and the beauty of the area, and pick up some safety information – given in advance and on the day. Participants can do two or three short swims at specific locations on this short walk (and it’s up to you if you want to join in all of the swims). Two lifeguards will provide cover at the swim. Walking before and after a swim is the best way to be warm before you go in and to warm up afterwards. The walk will be guided with some information about the long history of river recreation in the Little Ouse and an interactive safety briefing at the stops where we swim. It is open to adults and 13+, with or without previous river dipping experience. If you have any questions about accessibility please get in touch.

The walk will be led by Imogen Radford and other project volunteers, accompanied by two lifeguards. Imogen is the project lead for Tales from the River, a BFER project uncovering a wide range of local stories about the Brecks Fen Edge and rivers including oral histories, myths and legends. Find out more on the BFER website project page

Read more about Swim Walks on Imogen’s website,


Swim Walk: Walking and Dipping for Adults and 13+

When: Sunday 22nd September


The Bridge Hotel Brandon, 79 High Street Brandon IP27 0AX

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Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Cost: Fully Funded (Booking required) Book here:


Accessible via Train: The railway station is about 15 minutes walk away, with trains from Thetford, Norwich, Cambridge.

Accessible via Bus. For bus times and information visit or

Car Parking available: Two options, parking at the end of the track nearer the river, or parking at Brandon Leisure Centre – the latter is nearer to facilities and to the walk’s start and finish


Wheel chair accessible, though the terrain may be uneven in places. Please contact the event leader, Imogen Radford,  if you have any specific needs or requirements in order to make your experience of this event more enjoyable:

Facilities: Café and toilet facilities are available at Brandon Leisure Centre..

What to wear/bring: Full information about what to expect, what to wear, potential risks, and keeping yourself safe, will be provided once you have booked