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Sound Bath at West Stow *SOLD OUT*

July 20, 2022 6:45pm-7:30 pm West Stow Country Park

Nicky from Sound and Ground playing sound bathing instruments

Sound Bath at West Stow

Take part in a deeply relaxing sound bath in the beautiful surroundings of West Stow Country Park.

Wednesday 20 July 2022, Wednesday 3 August 2022 and Wednesday 17 August 2022


Join local practitioner Nicky from Sound and Ground to take part in a relaxing sound bath. Sound bathing can be a particularly helpful type of meditation for those with a ‘chatty mind’. The soothing quality of the sound can transport you to a place of deep relaxation.
Each session will begin with a spoken guided meditation. Nicky will then create a sound bath, by playing a range of therapeutic grade instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, chimes, drums and voice. This practice is designed to facilitate deep rest and relaxation. Participants are invited to simply lay or sit on the floor and allow the sounds to wash over you.

Sound Bath at West Stow

Venue: West Stow Country Park (These sound baths will be outdoors in nature when weather permits, however an indoor venue is available to use should the weather be cold or wet.)

Each session will take place: 6:45pm-7:30 pm
Tickets: £5 per person
Booking is essential: Find out more information and how to book HERE