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Outdoor Swim Event: Serious and fun races and activities for all ages

September 4, 2022 Various times Lynford Water (approved Forestry England)

Exciting opportunity to attend swim event in the Brecks, 4 Sept! Book here, An opportunity to take further your swimming after the coaching and intros with some races, or to have some fun in activities, games and races for all ages (or both). It will be a safe and friendly session with qualified lifeguards and experienced swimmer volunteers, at the lovely Lynford Water public lake (authorised Forestry England). Free for adults and 13+, free for children.


10.15 adult races – 400 m, 200 m, and medley races.

11.15 adults and young people – 100 m and medley races, swim run, rope throwing

1215 children and parents – short races, games and activities.


More info and key documents for the event here, along with info about the adult and 13+ intro in the afternoon on the same day, The event is supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, and is part of the BFER Healing Waters Project.