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BFER evening talk: From Miles to Smiles

From Miles to Smiles: 10,000km on foot, a BFER evening talk with David Atthowe

February 21, 2024
Free of charge with thanks to the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund

BFER evening talk: From Miles to Smiles :10,000km on foot

David Atthowe, founder of Nomadic Lion has walked more than 10,000km across 6 different countries, to share happiness and joy with all. From walking 200 miles around the county of Norfolk, to walking the breadth of Borneo, walking has taken David far and wide. Come and hear all about his adventures, the wonderful people he has met along the way, and the value of walking and slow travel in the modern world in this exploration of the art of walking.


Nomadic Lion was created in Indonesia in January 2014, and has grown to become a movement of like minded people who all believe in the power of walking to create a positive change. In 8 years, the group have walked 10,000km across 6 different countries. Founder, David Atthowe, has planned and walked each and every Nomadic Lion journey. Join this online evening talk to hear about his experiences and adventures. 


BFER evening talk: From Miles to Smiles : 10,000km on foot

When: Wednesday 21st February

Time: 7pm-8pm

Where: Online

Booking required: Register via the BFER Eventbrite for access to the online event link



David Atthowe walking along a long remote road

From Miles to Smiles: 10,000km on foot


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