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3.6 Supporting Placements & Youth Training

Supporting young people and adults to gain experience in heritage jobs by providing funding for skills training.

Delivery Lead Organisation: BFER Delivery team

In July 2023, some of the team went ‘back to school’ to meet over 85 biology and history students from Abbeygate Sixth Form College in Bury Saint Edmunds. Time was spent providing information about the BFER project and careers in Heritage. Students were able to sign up to volunteering and work experience opportunities and find out more about their local Brecks heritage.

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To support young people and adults to gain experience in heritage jobs by providing funding for skills training.

To link with and support local work experience and paid work placement/apprenticeship schemes to create heritage focussed opportunities.

To improve the available resource of people seeking careers in heritage in the Scheme area and wider Brecks by enabling partners to engage young people and adults in work experience and/or paid internships.

To raise awareness of heritage-based career opportunities in the Scheme area.


This project will co-ordinate the placement of students with Partner organisations and seek additional opportunities throughout the BFER project delivery period.

It will fund training and equipment bursaries and seek to provide match funding for existing schemes to provide heritage focussed work experience for students and opportunities for those ‘not in employment, education, or training’ (NEETs), graduates and those seeking a career change.

It will raise awareness of heritage-based careers and opportunities within the Scheme area and wider Brecks with higher education providers and employment support organisations.

A contracted Youth Training element will deliver specialist supported heritage management skills training to traditionally excluded audiences, including those with Mental Health, Substance Misuse, Special Education Needs and those Not in Education Employment or Training.

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