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Working Waters: Heritage skills for the future

3.1 Citizen Science: Testing the Waters

Utilise new technologies to involve people in the collection of important biological and environmental data needed to protect life in freshwater.

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3.2 Fen Edge & Rivers Archaeology

Engaging with local communities to explore the true extent and wealth of their local archaeology in the Fen Edge & River Valleys.

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3.3 Heritage River Crafts: Living on the Edge

Engaging local communities through woodland management, experimental archaeology and heritage crafts workshops.

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3.4 Watery Wildlife Education

Inspire in-depth learning in young people from four local communities about the watery wildlife in the Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers area.

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3.5 Supporting Sustainability

Supporting natural partnership progression over the five-year project delivery period, and to ensure the development of legacy structures.

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3.6 Supporting Placements & Youth Training

Supporting young people and adults to gain experience in heritage jobs by providing funding for skills training.

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