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2.3 Industrious Rivers

Exploring the history of trade and development along the rivers of the Brecks by documenting the structures

Delivery Lead Organisation: The Breckland Society


Project Update

Industrious Rivers Launch

Photo credit: Frank Meeres

The ‘Industrious Rivers’ project delivered by the Breckland Society.

The Industrious Rivers project explores the history of trade and development along the waterways of the Brecks with opportunities for volunteers to learn more about the history of the area, and to acquire new skills and insights into a lesser known aspect of local heritage. Training sessions help volunteers understand the characteristics and significance of the Breckland rivers and to carry out their own research and discover why rivers were once so important in the Brecks.


To explore the history of trade and development along the rivers of the Brecks by documenting the structures (mills, races, staunches, jetties, warehouses etc) and researching and interpreting the commercial activities that helped shape the economic and industrial profile of the area

Raise awareness of this history and explain why it is important through practical recording, conservation work, new interpretation, written and on-line material

Improve practical knowledge and specific skills that will help ensure better understanding and management of surviving heritage structures in future

Create more of a sense of place, and better awareness of the importance of the industrial archaeology and heritage of the Brecks rivers.


This project will focus on the history of trade and other activities along the rivers of the Brecks, from Roman times to the present day, researching and documenting the development of related activities and infrastructure and ground-truthing the extent and condition of existing industrial archaeology.

Outputs will be celebrated through a variety of media, including a report, digital mapping, and exhibition material to raise awareness and celebrate the vital role of rivers in the Brecks.

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