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4.1 Water’s Colour: Community Art


Project Update

Project 4.1 - Water's Colour: Community Art


To celebrate the distinctive visual landscape of the projects area through a variety of arts activities, and by doing so to engage with audiences not traditionally involved in heritage.

To connect new people to the landscape and create opportunities to learn new skills and provide activities that promote mental and physical wellbeing.

To enhance enjoyment of the Fen Edge & Rivers, by encouraging audiences to look at the landscape in new ways through outdoor activities and a variety of exhibitions

To raise awareness of the river corridors, aquatic species, and unique habitats of the Brecks Fen Edge & Rivers landscape.

Through ‘sound art’ to create an immersive experience for the audience which helps them to view their environment with fresh eyes adding to their enjoyment of it.

To inspire people to look deeper into the history of their everyday environment and appreciate or value it more.

To offer absorbing and valuable skill-building opportunities to participants and volunteers.

To offer an accessible and participatory creative experience for all.


Celebrating the landscape and its unique heritage through engaging with diverse audiences and delivering a series of community arts activities, events, and workshops. Outputs will be exciting and varied, created using a wide variety of media including painting, photography, music, sound and creative writing shared on-line, at local exhibitions and adding ‘colour’ to other Scheme projects’ outputs.

Previous Schemes have demonstrated significant opportunities for raising awareness of sensitive habitats and species by engaging new audiences through provision of community arts opportunities including poetry, botanical art, and community activities.

Contemplative and communal arts activities have been shown to benefit mental and physical well-being in participants through the act of creating as well as sharing and exhibiting works.

The outputs from these activities help to encourage a wider audience to view the landscape in a different way.

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