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1.6 Managing the Margins: Riparian Landowner Advice

Providing a joined-up approach for delivering bespoke land management advice for the Brecks’ riparian landowners.

Delivery Lead Organisation: Norfolk Rivers Trust

Managing the Margins - Interactive Map

Project Update

August 2021

Meeting with farm landowners

From July to August this year, we have been engaging with farms across the Brecks which have included root veg, outdoor pigs, cereals and natural habitats. 3 farm visits have happened and projects including floodplain restoration, wetlands, silk traps and tree planting have been developed.

Across the area, Norfolk Rivers Trust has worked with a maize undersowing contractor to undersow Maize across 3 farms on 65 Ha land. This is a trial year to look at different mixes and we will look at implementing it again years 2 and 3.

Silt Trap on farm land Silt trap on farm land


Previous project updates:

August 2021

June 2021


To provide a joined-up approach for delivering bespoke land management advice for the Brecks’ riparian landowners.

There are currently 5-6 different organisations delivering, or seeking to deliver valuable, area specific advice to landowners and, managers in the project area.

There is a great need to review the mechanisms for providing advice and establish a joined-up approach where there is one hub to go for specialist and technical environmental advice.


There are currently numerous organisations seeking to deliver valuable, area-specific advice to landowners and agricultural managers, and a great interest in reviewing the mechanisms for providing advice using a mutually inclusive approach. Because of the special nature of the Brecks, it provides a unique set of needs and issues for land managers that are not being met by current provision.

This project will develop a steering group with partner organisations, to pilot a scheme delivering over 3 years, a joined-up bespoke land management advice that adds value to existing stewardship, at a significant time of change.

It will create a legacy of landowners more aware of the natural heritage assets they manage, more able to access support and funding to manage those assets, and a network of advisory organisations more able to work effectively in partnership to deliver bespoke advice in the Brecks Landscape.

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