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1.3 Little Ouse River Improvement

Construction of a single flight Larinier Fish pass that also provides passage for canoes.

Delivery Lead Organisation: Environment Agency


The Little Ouse was impounded in the 1600’s for Navigation and Milling.  Navigation on the river has since ceased between Brandon to Thetford, but the remnants of the structures were left in, being adapted and modified to provide suitable water levels for amenity use.

The remaining structures have impounded the river along all its reaches preventing connectivity. To allow passage between structures they need removing or modifying.

The construction of a Larinier will provide a vital link in restoring the watercourses Upstream and enabling Sea Trout and coarse fish to access their natural breeding grounds.

By making Brandon passable it contributes to a wider programme of long-term habitat and barrier removal work being planned Upstream, it also feeds into the fish pass constructed at Denver, which is allowing migratory species into the system.

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c: F. Meeres (Thetford & Brandon Through Time)

Brandon Staunch

c: J. Brokenshire-Dyke, Environment Agency


The Aim of the project is:

To improve Fish, Eel and Canoe Passage at Brandon Staunch without increase to flood risk

The Objectives are:

To construct a single flight Larinier Fish pass that can provide passage for canoes as well.


A Larinier type fish-pas

A Larinier type fish-pas

  • Topographic Survey
  • Upstream and Downstream Water level monitoring
  • Hydraulic analysis of the Little Ouse
  • Completion of flood modelling
  • Produce detailed designs of a fish and eel pass (including canoe passage)
  • Construction of Larinier Fish Pass and Canoe pass winter/spring 2021
  • Demonstrate project success through monitoring
  • Raise awareness of issues relating to impoundment of rivers and barriers to free movement of migratory fish species


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