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Eating Local

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and beauty of this amazing landscape by sampling the delights of local produce.  From Farmers’ Markets to Festivals there’s something to tempt the tastebuds and inspire creativity in all.

Breckland soil is perfect for growing world class food such as asparagus and blueberries. It is also the home of English Whisky and exceptional ales.

  • Visit a number of friendly farm shops and bustling Farmers Markets.
  • Meet local artists and have a go at traditional crafts.
  • Eat out in a number of restaurants, pubs and cafes committed to sourcing local seasonal produce.
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Benefits of local food and drink:

  • Local Distinctiveness: Did you know there are Norfolk Coleman, Norfolk Beauty, Suffolk Pink, St Edmunds Russet and Clopton Red apples. and also Lady Henniker, Lord Stradbrook and Dennistons gages? Historically, each town and village would have its special varieties that grew well in the area.
  • Reduce Food Miles– Food transport makes up 25% of our road traffic using up scarce fossil fuels and causing pollution. By buying local we help to reduce the distance travelled.
  • Local Connection– buying local gives the buyer the opportunity to ask about how and where the food or drink was produced.
  • Health-Processed food often contains high volumes of fat, refined sugar and salt. The healthiest option is always to buy fresh ingredients, grown locally, and cook the food yourself.
  • Welfare– By buying meat from local producers you can help eliminate the need to carry animals over long distances.
  • Fun – It can be great fun to buy, pick, use and enjoy!
  • Support – Buying locally means that money stays in the local community and grows the local economy.
  • Fresh – Produce which travels less is fresher for you!

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